Digital Intermediate (DI)

Digital Intermediate (DI)
A Digital Intermediate is the result of the process of shooting Highdef, or shooting on film followed by scanning to film quality data files, editing the project in High Definition, and applying the creative process of color correction and color treatment to the completed master. This Digital Intermediate then becomes the master for video, DVD or for theatrical output by transferring this data master back to film. The big advantage over the conventional method is in the creative process. Once you have scanned your feature to a data master you have the same creative ability and freedom that is available when mastering a television movie or high end television commercial. Creative decisions on effects like speed ramps, freeze frames, dissolves, dips to color, wipes, multi layers and re-use of material are all very simple. Most "optical" effects are part of the automatic conforming process in online editing. Trailers can be cut from actual film footage because the original film now exists in an HD digital format.

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